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POW Info:

Wacker, Leo L. 2nd Lt : 926947
-- --
-- -- 1944 -- Bulge
Oflag 64Z RMC

Leo L Wacker

Philip M Wade

James M Wade

Faires P Wade

Donald R Waful

Charles W Wagner

Sid Waldman

James W Walker

Lewis Walker

William T Wall

Howard S Wallis

Merrill L Walrath

Robert Walters

(Wildcat) Warren E Walters

Homer Walton

Homer Walton

Harold Wamboldt

Edwin O'Dell Ward

Patrick B Ward

Irving D Warden

Justin J Ware

Albert P Warezerlonis

Harvey L Warner

Lloyd C Warren

E Joe B Warren

Leonard H Warren

Woodley C Warrick

William D Warthen

John Knight Waters

Robert M Watt Jr

James H Watts

Richard R Waugh

Austin E Webb

John M Webb

Randall L Webb

Marcus W Weber

James T Webster

Howard F Weckle Jr

James C Weekly

Robert M Weigand

C Robert Weimer

William Weinstein

Henry J Weintraub

Edward J Weirgacz

Robert C Wenger

Walter P Werner

Donald R Wernette

Robert R Wessels

Hobert West

John M Weston

Bertrum A Wheeler

James H Wheeler Jr

Charles E White

Roger C White

James A White Jr

Arnold C White

Harvey D White

Ted L White

Vincent C White

Allen T White

Clarence D Whitenack

Ray L Whiteturkey

Morgan A Whitfield

Roger Whiting

Harrison S Whitman

William C Whorley

Robert H Wick

Clarence L Wickersham

Walter E Wiggins

Lumund Wilcox

Paul C Wiley

Charles M Wilkinson

Donald Leverne Wilkinson

Charles D Willia

Henry G Williams

John T Williams

Dan G Williams

George H Williams

Roger Williams

Otho R Williams Jr

Thomas J.C. Williams

George Williamson

Warren J Williamson

Carmen A Williamson

Leroy E Willis

Charles E Willis

Keith Willis

Charles W Willoughry

Jack Wills

Wallace M Wilson

Glenn N Wilson

Henry J Winblad

Leonard F Wing

Thomas H Wingate

Oscar A Wingren

Clifford A Winton

Albert W Winwood

Robert H Wise

Arthur F Wiseman

Edward Wisniewski

Charles R Witt

Eugene M Witt

Stanley E Wojas

(Judge) James H Wood

Hollis B Wood

Harry S Wood

Jean L Wood

Richard W Wood

John C Wood Jr

Edward P Woods

Charles S Worrell

David B Wright

William E Wright Jr

Hiram J Wright

John H Wugan

Henry J Wynsen


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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
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