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William H Haag Francis M Habig Arthur J Hacker Lloyd D Haelfs Edwin C Haggard Glenn H Hale Robert B Haley Leland B Halk James L Hall Raymond S Hall Bert S Halle Daniel F Hallisey Charles O.B. Hamblin John D Hamilton Thomas M Hamilton William M Hammer Homer H Hammond Frank P Hancock Leland J Hancock Edward B Hanley George J Hannan John J Hannan Jr James J Hannon Carl F Hansen Carl V Hansen Kermit Hansen Richard L Hansler William Hanson Jr Eads G Hardaway Ronald R Hardy Warren D Hardy William L Harlow Thomas D Harmon Ivan Harper William R Harrell Hugh J Harries Gralc W Harriman William J Harrington James N Harris Edmund P Harrison Brantley B Hart Herbert J Hart Ollie C Hart Aloysius F Harter William M Harter Dallas C Hartford Donald G Hartley John J Hasson Jr Jerome R Hatch Ralph E Hauptly Harry G Hauschild James Hawkins Herbert J Hawthorne Herbert W Hayes Henry W Haynes William P Haynes III Robert T Hazlett Frank C Healy James T Heard Patrick Heathcote Robert E Hedden George Frank Heidt Jr Richard D Heil Lloyd R Heinze Walter Christof Heisler Aurel S Heller Francis A Hellner Richard C Helms Edward W Helwig Donald G Hemler James L Henderson Robert A.I. Henderson Vernon S Henderson Earl R Hendrecks Bernard G Hengge Louis Jackson Henniger Robert M Hennon Edward G Henrichson Robert T Henry Robert H Herenus William W Heritage Lambert B Hermelink George L Herr Clyde E Herring Paul L Herring Roy J Herte Lawrence J Hess James F Hesse Ormond M Hessler Larry M Hewin Aubrey Hicks Clifford J Hicks John H Higgins Laurence B Higgins Martin J Higgins Jr William F Higgins Jonel C Hill William P Hill John F Hinchcliffe DeLorma L Hinckley Jr William Hindelang Howard K Hinds Joseph W Hinerman Robert Hirsch Edward O Hirt Wilbur G Hobbs Samuel N Hodges Jr Paul W Hodnette Myrl J Hodson Arthur E Hoell Earl W Hoffman George Hoffman Hugh G Hogan Preston R Hogue William J Hohenadel Howard Randolph Holder Frank W Holland John W Holland Thomas H Holland John C Hollinger Ray E Holmquist Carl Henry Everett Holmstrom Thomas M Holt Ralph Homesiey Elmer D Honkamp Wilbur Huntington Hooker Walter G Hopkins Jr Paul E Horne Nathaniel R Hoskot William E Hotaling Ralph J Houghton Arthur J Houle Jr Homer B Howard Charles H Howell Joseph Hryhorec A D Hubanks Verris C Hubbell Robert T Huber Roy T Huber Woodrow W Hubka Robert B Hudson Howard L Huggett Charles R Hughes Fredrick K Hughes H W Hughes Marcellus C Hughes Thomas A Hughes Jr Edward D Humphrey Donald R Hunker Lynn M Hunsaker (Skip) Carl J Hunsinger Earnest D Hurdman Robert S Hutchison John B Huyett Jr Kenneth W Hyatt Frederick C Hyrne Andrew Hysick
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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
For database corrections, please contact us here. Last update: 09 April/24.

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