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POW Info:

Abbott, Keith M. 1st Lt : 737691
-- --
-- -- 1944 -- Bulge
Oflag 64Z RMC

Keith M Abbott

Louis Abdu

Wilbert A Abel

Harry H Abrahams

Henry P Ackerman

Joseph D Adams

John Addison

Frederick A Ade

William T Aikin

Joseph C.L. Ainsworth

John J Aires

James W Ake

Wallace Leon Akin

Richard A Alberts

Robert N Alday

John T Alden

Albert G Alderton

Howard V Alexander

John E Alexander

William A Alexander

Edward J Alexis

James Dyce Alger

John D Allardice

Ervin D Allen

Larry Allen

Charles R Allison

Norman L Alloway

John R Alred

Robert G Altman

Mateo P Alvarado

Benedict Vincent Amato

Otto Carl Amerell

Lyle W Amy

James W Anastos

Everette R Anderson

Ralph W Anderson

Gunnar A Anderson

Mays W Anderson

Jack W Anderson

Norman S Angel

William H Angevine

Ernest D Ankrom

Adro J Annala

Louis Annunziata

Edward Anthony

Rodney W Applegate

Armando Arias

Harold W Armstrong

Robert L Aschim

Carey E Ashcraft

Frank N Aten

Joseph A Austin

John B Austin

S M Awramir

Peter D Ayling


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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
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