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POW Info:

Pacheco, John E. 2nd Lt : 927216
-- --
-- -- 1944 -- Bulge
Oflag 64Z RMC

John E Pacheco

Henry Page

Amelio B Palluconi

Robert S Palmer

Charles L Palumbo

Thomas H Paris

Grover P Parker

Richard B Parker

Julius G Parker

John H Parkin

Walter S Parks Jr

George E Parrish

Marion A Parrott

Raymond B Parsons

Randall B Patterson

Edwin H Patterson

Harvey D Patterson Jr

Roy W Pattison

John R Patton

Robert A Patty

William W Paty Jr

Andrew H Paulishen

Julius J Paull

Vernon L Paulson

Theodore A Pawloski

Jim L Peachey

Roderick L Peeples

Alain Pellat

Dwight R Pelton

Holmes E Penn

Carl C Pennington

Clenzy R Penwell

Salvatore W Pepitone

Arnold P Perkins

Thomas C Perry

Henry G Perry Jr

Michael J Persinko

Stanley H Peters

Burrill Peterson

John Peyton

John F Pfeffer

Lawrence J Phelan

Edward E Phillips

Louis R Pickering

Woodrow L Pickhardt

Harry S Picou

Thomas C Piddington

Michael J Piecuch

Albert A Pierard

William M Pieratt

Robert E Pierce Jr

Richard M Pierce

Herbert M Pike

Alvin J Pimsler

Ralph E Pinnick

Gust E Pinoris

Weldon L Plants

Robert C Plummer

Walter P Podosek

James E Poe

Howard W Poe

John H Polk

Jack A Pontlitz

Herbert Popok

Charles R Porter

George D Poston

Charles H Posz

Phillip G Poteet

Yves Poussier

George B Powell

Rocco P Pravidica

Marshall Prentice

Kernal B Presley

Wilbur M Price

Stephen W Price

Raymond D Prince

Henry L Pritchett Jr

Irvin J Prokes

Clarence L Prosser

William L Pryor

Frank P Purcell

Robert Purkiss

Heighter L Purks


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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
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