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James J MacArevey Joseph E MacEachon Donald V MacFadden Harris O Machus James A MacIsaac Donald Mackintosh Richard MacWhorter Dalton Y Madson (Tom) Thomas R Magee Carl D Maginity Sven J Magnusson John Terrence Maguire James T Maher Frank T Mahlstedt George Maibach (Bill) William R Makepeace Jr Rudolph J Malchiodi Arthur E Mallory Charles Mangieri Joseph M Mann James M Mannix Jr Richard M Manton Ralph E Manuel Weldon L Maples Paul D Marable Jr George S Marak Stephen Marcisak Vahan J Marderian Frederic S Marks Allen A Marksian Marlow Jack C Marlowe Raymond Lee Marnien Bruce R Martin Don E Martin John R Martin William V Martz Otto Masny Peter B Mason Richard M Mason Franklin H Masonheimer Melvin B Massey Marvin M Matheson John L Mathis George H Matthews John B Mattingly Murray M Mattleman Frank W. Maxwell Jr. Darrell E May Donald L May Jerry E Mazoroff Samuel C McAdams Donald E McAlpine Myrl N McArthur John A McAuley Robert W McBride Henry V McCabe Morris K McCarver Charles F McClure David C McConnaughey Alvin G McCormick Charles M McCoy Lory Lester McCullough John V McDermott John B McDonald Eugene Michael McDonough Charles J McElligott George W McGee Owen D McGee Edward P McGehee Jr David McIlroy Neill P McInnis Robert B McIntire Philip D McIntyre James W McKay Jr Richard J McKay Wilbur E McKee Clifford D McKeon John S McKnight John T McKnight Ralston McLaughlin John M McLeod Patrick McLoughlin James McQuillan Thomas J.W. McSherry Merle A Meacham Niram Jason Meadows Max R Medema Dalton Y Medlen Harry G Meeleus Lewis R Meisenhelter Clarence R Meltesen Arthur R Mendenhall Harry A Mesimer Richard T Meskell Clayton G Metcalf Stephen J Michalek Michael H Milby Richard C Miles Bruce F Miley Harold H Miley Albert F Miller Jr. Daniel B Miller Elmer L Miller James C Miller Jr Jay R Miller John W Miller Paul C Miller Robert A Miller Robert B Miller Jr Robert J Miller Russel D Miller Sidney C Miller Thomas E Miller Jr George V Millett Jr Robert P Milligan John W Mills Peter Mirakian Joseph Mirtel Fred G Mitchell James S Mitchell Thomas A Mitchell Jr Thomas J.M. Mitchell Takeichi T Miyashiro Irving Moehling Fritz E Moeller Jeremiah W Moher John J Mohn William D Mohn James A Momper George W Monaghan (Jack) James J Monaghan William D Monahan Edward Monks John Monks Jr Myrick L Monroe Nelson P Monson Charles A Montjoy Gregory G Montreville William P Moon Jr Charles W Moore Howard L Moore Louis E Moore Lynne L Moore Milton M Moore Sr Robert G Moorhead John H Moorman Jr Robert Moranda James M Morford Jr William H Morgan Morgenrath Andrew J Morriem Henry L Morris William H Morris John Charles Morrisey Jr Frederick D Morrison Arthur Daniel Morrow Thomas S Morse Thomas O Morton Jr Edgar P Moschel Alfred H Moss George M Muehlbauer Frederick W Mueller Hugh G Muldrow James H Munford Nicholas Van Munson John Murman Hill T Murphy John I Murphy Paul J Murphy Thomas A Murphy William H Murphy Everett R Murray Chester L Myers Elmer L Myers George Myron

About This Page...

The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
For database corrections, please contact us here. Last update: 11 August/23.

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