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Stockbridge Bacchus Jr Abraham Badler Lyle H Baer John M Bagwell Nelson Bailey Stanley S Bailey Silas Bailin Edward A Baker Fred Rogers Baker Malcolm A Baldwin Jr Eugene H Ball James A Ball James W Bancker Walter E Bare Jr George R Barfoot James W Barker Norman M Barker Steve A Barkovic Orville L Barks James W Barnes William H Barnum III William J Barr Richard Barrera Joseph F Barrett Jr Gaines J Barron Dale S Barton Jr Abraham L Batalion James M Bates Edward G Batte Gerhard E Baum John Beach (Stud) George D Beasley Raymond Beaucar Richard F Becker Carl G Bedient Maurice D Bedwell Jr William H Beemer Ellis N Beesley Amos F Beffa Willard F Begin John H Belcher Dean H Bell Frank W Bell William J Bella Frank A Bennett James R Benson Marvin E Benton Gordon C Berg Eben C Bergman Edward T Berlinski Burdette F Berry James B Berry Alexander Bertin Walter D Bertsche Robert Berwick Jr Daryl G Betten Edwin James Betts Edgar J Bezotte James F Bickers Stanley R Biernacki Clarence W Bierwerth Charles T Bigbie Joseph Bilder Jr Clarence Billings Roy A Binger Jr Billy Bingham Robert Bingham Virgil H Bird Stephen J Bires Ernest W Birkett Wilbur W Bishop Russell P Bissman Clark B Bittner Lewis F Bixby Jean R Blaisse Arlo R Blanchard Vernon L Blank William Blank Ernest L Blanton Robert Blatherwick Carl M Blevins Jules N Bloch Alex B Bloom Seymour Bluhm Roman L Blusius John H Boe Julian E Boggess Jr Woodrow W Boggess Vernon Q Bogle Alfred W Bohny Seymour R Bolten Bernard U Bolton James B Bond William R Bond Robert F Bonner Robert F Bonomi Francis D Bordica Sterling A Borquist Ira G Bottoms (Fred) Wilfred M Boucher Frank J Bova Verne Bovie Henry J Bowman Hugh K Boyd John L Boyd James E Boyer Thaddeus L Boyle (Father) Stanley C Brach Otis L Bradford Stanley A Bradley Thomas L Brady Raymond C Brandt Laurence F Brant Robert P Breazeale Michael Brezas Desmond P Brien George R Britto Robert G Britton Charles E Brocker Sidney C Brockman Glenn P Brooks Harold T Brooks Maurice D Browell Alexander P Brown Clarence H Brown Harry M Brown Herbert W Brown Jr Joseph T Brown Kenneth M Brown Leslie W Brown Lloyd A Brown Earl W Browne William J Browne John W Browning William U Bruns Richard S Bryan Wright Bryan Albert D Bryant Arthur W Bryant Jr Anthony F Bucci Earl W Buchanan Frank J Buchholz William F Buchholz Arthur D Buckley Jr Earl E Buckley Charlie Buerger Thomas J Bugg Jr. Raleigh Bullard Francis D Burdick Arthur E Burgeson Floyd M Burgeson (Bill) William C Burghardt Ellmont L Burlingame Charles W Burns James Burns (Carlos) Charles W Burrows Thomas L Bursen Vernon M Burt William J Burtscher Hully H Bush Leo K Bustad George S Butler
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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
For database corrections, please contact us here. Last update: 09 April/24.

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