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Frederick Saam Edward Sabo Nathan Sachnowitz Jerry M Sage Roger I Sagear Edward L Sager Lucien Saint-Sauveur Samuel M Sakamoto (Doc) Louis Salerno Adam P Salkind Oren R Salmons John M Samonds Jr Edwin N Sanborn William W Sanborn John P Sandford Albert W Saul Harry J Sauter Joseph Savage Robert E Savage Henry J Savine Floyd M Saxton William H Schaefer Joseph A Scheider Clarence J Scherer James F Schildt William B Schlismann James R Schmitz George H Schneider Joseph A Schneider Walter L Schoener Lester G Schoonover James L Schueler Hugo V Schuenemann John S Schuessler Ernest A Schulbach Henry G Schulte Harry T Schultz Ronald Edward Schulz Hy S Schumeister John S Schwab Jack W Scott Richard C Scott Richard P Scott Robert S Scott Edward Scrace John J Scully Jr Paul Scully Carl E Seabranch Thomas L Seanor Gerald F Searle John B Secor Richard W Secor Albert L Seeger George Seeman Stanley J Segal Gabriel Serda Joseph E Seringer John Shahbaz Joseph Shaltis Charles M Shanahan James F Shank Wilbur B Sharpe George F Sharra Emmet J Shaughnessay Seymour Shefrin David M Sheketoff Henry G Shepherd James W Sherman James Sherrick John H Sherrill Jr John Shidemantel Hisae Joseph H Shimatsu John B Shinn Jr Roger L Shinn John F Shirk James Reilly Shoaf II Thomas R Shockey Donald J Shook Ray A Shouse William G Shrete William A Shular Jr Robert H Shultz Earl P Sidle Jr Vernor E Siebert Herbert M Siercks Thornton V Sigler Chet (lain) A Sigmen Julian M Sikes Gerald L Siler Thomas W Silva John C Simcik Gardner M Simes Clarence E Simmons John W Simmons Sr Orville R Simmons James J Sims Jr John R Siska Anthony S Sito James F Skells Carroll B Skinner John F Slack Ira R Slagter William C Slanina Glen A Slaughter John K Slingluff Rex H Slinkard Vincent J Slomka Dallas B Smith Duane Smith Francis M Smith Frank M Smith Gordon K Smith Jack E Smith John P Smith Leland V Smith Martin E Smith Marvin V Smith Matthew C Smith Raymond W Smith Robert L Smith Roland J Smith Ronald J Smith (Smitty) Roy J Smith William J Smith William W Smith Williard (NMI) Smith Earl A Smoak Jr Charles V Snider Jr Harold E Snyder Andrew R Sokerka Richard C Soliday Samuel E Solmer Frederic D Sommers Jerrell W Southern Vance C Spalding Joseph A Spano James Sparkman George H Sparks Horace M Spaulding Vando S Spaulding Paul E Spayde (Bill) Kenneth R Speas Leonard W Spence Edgar A Spicher Norman H Spitzer Harold S Spurgin John A Stansell Stanley P Starkowicz Rupert D Starr Raymond Steinke Andrew Steranchak Stanley B Stetson Francis B Stevens John M Stevens Donald B Stewart Eldon Y Stewart (Jack) John W Stewart Donald B Stillwagon William K Stiverson Walter W Stockton Charles Martin Stoehr John H Stone Solomon Stone (Bill) Wilcher C Stotts Nicholas Stozic Fay M Straight Edwin F Strauss D'Nuncio B Streett Orville K Stroup Edward H Stumpe Levi W Sturtevant (Chas) Charles F Sullivan Jr John R Sullivan Julian T Sullivan R C Sullivan Raymond H Sumner John R Sutherland Winston M Sutter Everett G Sutton Robert M Sutton Benjamin C Swaim William R Swanson James L Sweeney William R Sweeney Jack N Sweet Harry W Sweeting Norman Swick Joseph Swift Leroy J Swindlehurst Perry D Swindler Bernard S Synowka Raymond Szafranski

About This Page...

The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
For database corrections, please contact us here. Last update: 11 August/23.

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