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(Bill) William E Fabian John N Fahey Edward J Fairchild Leo J Farber Clifton R Farnum Sydney L Farr Wilfred F Farrell Kenneth L Faulk John E Fehl John T Feilen David Feldman Leonard Feldman Spencer P Felt Blondell T Fenton William E Ferencz Clarence M Ferguson Frederick J Ferguson Mutt L Ferguson Gustave C Ferris Alan B Ferry Charles M Few Hugo Fielschmidt Saul S Fiersteyn Maynard W Files Thomas B Finan Jr Leland B Finklea Kenneth Finlayson Vito A Fiorentino Leo W Fisher Garvin Fitton Richard L Flaherty DeWayne P Flanigan Robert P Fleege Benn Fleissig Eime E Flickinger Clarence Flink Lester D Folwell Clarence J Folz John R Fontenrose Harvey S Ford (Russ) Russell M Ford James P Forsyth John C Foster Philip F Foster Floyd G Fountain (Chas) Charles E Fowler William R Fox Stanley L Fragge Joseph H Francis Isaac E Franklin James G Fraser Robert M Frash Alfred R Fratzke Harry W Frazee Robert L Frazier Donald S Frederick Sidney I Fredrickson Charles A Free Charles W Freeman Gordon G Frey Joseph S Friedman Julius H Friedman Samuel Friedman Robert S Fritts William C Frodsham Harry Frost Wilbur E Fulkerson Brandon A Fullam Hurley Edward Fuller Louis D Fuller William A Fullerton James H Furey Ralph J Fusaro

About This Page...

The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
For database corrections, please contact us here. Last update: 11 August/23.

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