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POW Info:

Gable, Robert D. 1st Lt : 01294431?
-- --
22 January 1944 -- Italy

Robert D Gable

Ross R Gahring

Peter N Gaich

Leo J Galash Jr

Lawrence V Gallis

Frank Gandler

Richard J Ganley

Ralph R Gann

Edgar A Gans

Thurston Q Garrett Jr

Franklin T Garrett

Herbert L Garris

Joseph C Gasperich

George P Gassman

Earl E Gatzke

William L Geddes

Louis P Gendron

Carl B Gerdts

John L Gering

Louis Gershenow

Gabriel Gever

Guy G Giacopuzzi

Harold L Gibson

Charles R Gibson

Willard Gilbert

Donald Gilinsky

Walter L Gill

James M Gillespie

Stewart J Gillison

Kenneth T Gingrich

John A Gladys

John W Gleason

Ralph N Gleason

James K Glendening

John A Glendinning

Charles F Glennon

Harry W Glenz

Irvin Glovinsky

Robert Glynn

Ray L Goad

Joel G Gochenour

Kenneth H Goddard

James T Godfrey

Carn A Godsey

Leo J Golash

David Gold

Bert M Goldmann

Samuel A Gondek

John L Goode

Paul R Goode

Hyman E Goodman

Selwyn Goodman

Charles F Goodman

Max H Gooler

Ted R Gorney

Pierre G Gouachon

Eugene J Gould

Edward A Graf

Peter C Graffagnino

Anthony M Graham

Walter A Graham

James W Granberry

Austin Granger

Benton T Grant

Donald O Graul

Richard E Gray

William R Gray

Joseph R Green

Seymour Green

George I Greene

Manuel Greenfield

Charles Greenhill

Peter S Greenwood Jr

Thomas Griffin

Vincent A Grimes

Lorin Griset

Eugene A Grissinger

John A Groen

Walter Grogan

Ernest M Gruenberg

William C Guest

Kenneth S Gussler

Sam Gwosden


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The data for this roster was provided by Bob Thompson and Dean Bright. It was originally researched and created by Herb Garris and Clarence Meltesen with information from the Defense Department. This database is hosted by The Hillbilly Geek.
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