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About the Hillbilly Geek

Let me be clear

I do not claim uber status.

As the saying goes, I know enough to be dangerous.

There are so many areas out there to specialize in, that nobody can be an expert at everything. So I'm a generalist, as far as I can be. But I am good as what I do, and that is to listen to you, the client, and strive to accomplish your goals.

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Is the alter-ego site for Lost Province Productions

This site showcases the geekier side of Lost Province, with various forays into coding. The main course is the content management system cmSlate. In development since... well, longer than we might want to admit, it is in use across scores of websites that are hosted by Lost Province.

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This site is likely to be ignored

as I focus on my clients.

I provide hosting services, site design and updates for over 40 people and organizations. It's starting to keep me busy.

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