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 cmSlate Demo: the HbG Content Management System Portfolio: Using the Gallery template.

Set for ecommerce


About The Gallery Page

The Gallery template displays thumbnails with a title and a subtitle. Clicking on the image or the title brings up the post with all its information.

The default Grid is three columns; however if there are only two entries in a Type, they will share the space. A single post in a Type will take up the full width of the page. The Illustrations Type has been set to show four columns when viewing in a desktop.

This template will allow the user to override the grid, if they would like to see a lot more images. A little widget at the top of the page controls this feature.

A variation on this theme is the gallery-basic template, which displays posts as ordered in the file, with the option to filter by Types.

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Illustrations : Set to show in four columns.

Animation : Moving Pictures

Logos : My logos

Photography : Some photographs

Sketches : My Sketches